Kendra Leah is an author and freelance writer. Ms. Fuller is an entrepreneur who has started several businesses throughout her career. Her most recent venture took her into the fascinating world of e-commerce for over 10 years. Throughout this time, she also specialized in web design and SEO web content creation for others, on a variety of topics. She has a lifelong love of writing and is now pursuing a full-time writing career. Ms. Fuller also writes under the pen name Kendra Leah Fuller.

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A Personal Note on My Love for Writing

the dream begins...

When I was in highschool I had a dream to become a novelist. I've always loved to read and writing just seemed to follow. I'm the type of person who tells myself a story every night while lying in bed waiting for sleep to come. Some nights I don't get very far in the story. And, I might think of that same story for weeks or even months. The point is, there have always been stories floating around in my brain. In my early twenties, I plugged along on my first novel quite diligently. Talk about feeling like you're from the stone age. I started that novel on a typewriter style word processor and saved it to floppy disks. I thought I was in heaven with that word processor!

put on hold...

I made it through nine chapters (actually finished that 9th chapter the night before my daughter was born). Therein lies the problem. My daughter is now 23 years old and those nine chapters have sat all this time. Maybe it's a midlife crisis but somehow those chapters started calling my name again. I live in a very small town in the middle of a cornfield and I had been trying to think of some new career direction to take. There aren't many job opportunities here and web technology skills I have are not highly in demand in rural America.

spark reignited...

As I was surfing the web looking for opportunities, my dusty, old novel kept popping into my head. Then, as fate would have it, another aspiring writer came into the variety store where I worked. We struck up a conversation about our writing and she emailed me some free programs for writers. That was all it took to light the fire under the smoldering twigs in my brain.

So now I am busy retyping my novel so that I can get back into the story better. I think we can definitely fall out of the practice of writing but that need and talent for self expression through the written word never leaves us. I am glad that the dream still prevails.

To your writing success! ~ Kendra Leah Fuller