The History of Grand Teton National Park

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Images of America:
The History of Grand Teton National Park

The majestic beauty of Grand Teton National Park has moved people throughout time. Native Americans believed in the spiritual power of the towering mountain peaks and journeyed there to gain special powers. The first explorers of the fur trade, who had just crossed other less ominous mountain ranges, must have viewed with trepidation the massive obstacle that loomed in the way of their passage to the Pacific Northwest. In others, the Tetons ignited vision and passion. A vision to preserve and protect for all generations to come, and a passion to protect the independent way of life known by the first settlers of this Western Frontier. The formation of Grand Teton National Park as we know it today spanned the course of nearly seventy years. Although there were many people who shared the struggle before them, it was not until Stephen Mather and Horace M. Albright took up the fight in 1915 that steps towards success were taken. Albright�s tenacity and ability to convey his vision to philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. set in motion a very long journey that culminated with President Harry S. Truman signing today's Grand Teton National Park into existence on September 13, 1950.

Author Kendra Leah Fuller is a professional writer and an avid visitor to the Grand Teton National Park. Her coauthor, Shannon Sullivan, works for the Jackson Hole Historical Society.

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