Opening Scene from my Work in Progress - Rough Draft (Not the title, lol)

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The wrought iron gate creaked in the morning fog. April hesitated, then continued up the path to the main house. Her footsteps echoed on the cobblestones, lending an eeriness to the still morning air. As she entered the courtyard, the house loomed above her. The grave stone walls were faded from years spent in the harsh sea air, their only color a coat of ivy weaving an emerald pattern in the morning dew. A slight breeze lifted the leaves, seeming to give the house a life of its own. April shivered and pulled her cloak tight around her body, as if the action could take away her mounting anxiety which by now had almost turned into fear. The old mahogany door gave her a sense of reassurance and, lifting the knocker, she put all her reservations behind her. The door swung open abruptly.   Read more...